Get Your Beauty On This Winter

Winter is usually a depressing season for most. The cold morning and nights, wearing more clothes to keep warm and staying indoors to avoid the dreadful flu. Our skin gets dry quickly in winter and we don’t drink or eat healthy food to help our skin, we eat more hot junk food. The following tips will help during the winter season!

The Art of Layering

By Darnelle Thompson Layering: the Holy Grail of winter fashion slayage. When it comes to winter fashion, people tend to pile up their baskets with unnecessary items of clothing that may most probably go unnoticed if your layering technique is not strategically thought out, right? Wrong! If you are lazy as I am, I assure … Continue reading The Art of Layering

Great Places to Eat this Cold Season

By Katlego Moncho Is it not funny how no matter how cold it is, we still do not mind eating out? Well, I guess it can only be a good thing that there are restaurants offering some great winter specials throughout the country. These are some of the great places to eat out at: Johannesburg … Continue reading Great Places to Eat this Cold Season

10 Ways To Warm A Heart This Winter

By Nadia Mabika Most of our mornings start off with that annoying sound that we just love to hate. The electronic rooster beckoning us to jump out of our warm beds and drench ourselves in warm water. This followed by some warm layers of clothing toppled by warm breakfast and some warm loving before we … Continue reading 10 Ways To Warm A Heart This Winter

A Few Beauty Tips to Survive Winter

By Elsie Masutha Our skin is affected by many factors, including our health, the food we eat, and climate change. With winter very well on its way- so is bad skin… or good skin. The following tips will help make the long cold journey not so bitter and dreadful anymore. What you eat Forget the … Continue reading A Few Beauty Tips to Survive Winter

Winter is Upon Us

By Darnelle Thompson Winter's finally crept in, and for most of us that means frustratingly dry, cracked and flaky skin. As experts advise switching up your moisturising regime for something better equipped to send the dry flakiness packing all through the blusters.  We've come up with 5 body soaks with ingredients all from your pantry that … Continue reading Winter is Upon Us