Universal is Music

By Noluthando Tsoko You know how we all say that if textbooks were songs, we’d do so well in school? I will never forget the day, in grade 11, when our English teacher sprung a spot spelling test on us (yes, a spelling test in grade 11) and we had to wear our brave faces … Continue reading Universal is Music

A Painful Reality

By Zoleka Qodashe Travelling on South African roads can prove to be quite the activity. From the exchange of scornful glances between motorists to one’s countless woosah moments on these taxi-dominated streets. What is clear, however, is that more often than not, one’s mood on the road varies depending on the nature of one’s trip. … Continue reading A Painful Reality

World Breastfeeding Week

By Katlego Pooe The first week of August is World Breastfeeding week. Breastfeeding is a duty done by mothers to help nurture and develop newborns. This duty is so amazing and it creates a bond between the mother and child. The milk from breastfeeding has the right nutrition and helps protect the newborns immune system. … Continue reading World Breastfeeding Week

Good News in South Africa

By Zoleka Qodashe Amid all the trials and tribulations that confront our country, like the threat of being relegated to junk status, a corrupt president, the Gupta’s influence, captured parastatals etc, there is course to celebrate in our country. This is so because we have an independent judiciary. Our judiciary inspires public confidence by dispensing … Continue reading Good News in South Africa