Wonder Woman – A Movie That Does The Most Without Doing Nothing At All

This film brilliantly puts forward the female protagonist in a way that is not pretentious or forceful. It is not however without its flaws as it - like most modern pictures and other hero films – does have an air of predictability especially in the second half of the movie, but due to the difficulty of maintaining familial innocence as opposed to the gorier Dark Knight trilogy, it can be forgiven.

Moonlight – Best Picture

This is probably the most delayed movie review but what the heck, I’ll still review it anyway. I was very hesitant about watching Moonlight mainly because I’m not a person who is driven by hype especially around the Academy Award nominees and winners.  But once my friends gave me a synopsis of what this film … Continue reading Moonlight – Best Picture

Dark Places

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing As promised in the previous post, a review about an equally haunting and intriguing book by Gillian Flynn is finally coming your way. I hope since the last review you have managed to pick up Gone Girl (I’ll even settle for having at least watched the movie). The next book I picked … Continue reading Dark Places

Gone Girl

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing This year has probably been the busiest year since beginning my tertiary academic career in 2013. However in the midst of all this, I still managed to somehow squeeze in some side table/bed side reading. I must say, there is nothing like a good book to cuddle with after a long day. … Continue reading Gone Girl

The Perfect Match

By Neo Moloko “The Perfect Match looks and sounds increasingly like a romantic comedy created out of second-hand memories, vaguely described or poorly translated” (Jesse Hassenger). “A sleepy ensemble romantic comedy in "The Best Man" mold that starts with one-night stands, ends with a wedding, and spends the middle curing a hopeless lothario” (Scott Tobias). … Continue reading The Perfect Match