Self Love

Motivate yourself to be the best that you can be and follow your dreams. Each and every single flaw that you believe that you have, makes you unique, special and loved. You are beautiful both inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you different. Believe in yourself and others shall learn to believe in you too.

Hlomu The Wife Series by Dudu Busansi-Dube

These books are such a thrill! The minute you finish the one, you immediately want to read the next one. Well that’s how it was for me. I enjoyed the books because they tell true African stories that people deal with day to day.

Books That Will Leave You Inspired

Letter To My Daughter by Dr. Maya Angelou Genre: Essay Rating: 4.9/5 Letter To My Daughter is the third book of essays Dr. Maya Angelou wrote and this letter is dedicated to all young women, who she refers to as her daughters. She shares some of her encounters as a young black woman and mother, … Continue reading Books That Will Leave You Inspired

Universal is Music

By Noluthando Tsoko You know how we all say that if textbooks were songs, we’d do so well in school? I will never forget the day, in grade 11, when our English teacher sprung a spot spelling test on us (yes, a spelling test in grade 11) and we had to wear our brave faces … Continue reading Universal is Music

A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

By Zine Mabunu Growing up, although raised between Rock and a good place I have adopted a sense of rage, a rage conjured by societal standards of how as a Womxn I should and should not be, how as a womxn I should swallow things and let others be, where standing up for issues such … Continue reading A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

The Art of Layering

By Darnelle Thompson Layering: the Holy Grail of winter fashion slayage. When it comes to winter fashion, people tend to pile up their baskets with unnecessary items of clothing that may most probably go unnoticed if your layering technique is not strategically thought out, right? Wrong! If you are lazy as I am, I assure … Continue reading The Art of Layering

Sethepu – Polygamy

By Dineo Nyakale For years polygamy had been something of a norm and regarded it as something acceptable that should be practiced as a part of tradition. Polygamy was usually a form of growing one’s family as the father would have as many children as he desired. Another more basic reason was in instances where … Continue reading Sethepu – Polygamy

Would You Date Someone With A Child?

By Dineo Nyakale The first answer a few ladies would say is no; based on the fear that they would have to deal with the mother of the child and the issues of the guy’s previously unresolved relationship with the mother of the child. In some cases that could be the experience, but women need … Continue reading Would You Date Someone With A Child?