Inner Strength

We women are actually stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’ve heard and know of women who have been through the worst of traumas and tragedies and yet find the will, power, courage and strength to pick themselves up and continue, going on to even tell the tales.

A Book That Every Woman Should Read

In the book, we truly see this iconic and phenomenal woman as a normal woman who goes through her issues and deals with them. A woman who makes her mistakes and learns from her lessons. A woman who tries to make a difference and sticks to her word no matter how long it takes.

Books That Will Leave You Inspired

Letter To My Daughter by Dr. Maya Angelou Genre: Essay Rating: 4.9/5 Letter To My Daughter is the third book of essays Dr. Maya Angelou wrote and this letter is dedicated to all young women, who she refers to as her daughters. She shares some of her encounters as a young black woman and mother, … Continue reading Books That Will Leave You Inspired