Wonder Woman – A Movie That Does The Most Without Doing Nothing At All

This film brilliantly puts forward the female protagonist in a way that is not pretentious or forceful. It is not however without its flaws as it - like most modern pictures and other hero films – does have an air of predictability especially in the second half of the movie, but due to the difficulty of maintaining familial innocence as opposed to the gorier Dark Knight trilogy, it can be forgiven.

A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

By Zine Mabunu Growing up, although raised between Rock and a good place I have adopted a sense of rage, a rage conjured by societal standards of how as a Womxn I should and should not be, how as a womxn I should swallow things and let others be, where standing up for issues such … Continue reading A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

40 Years Later: Where Are We?

By Nombulelo Fox When the youth of 1976 marched for the banning of Afrikaans as the language of instruction, the country stopped. The world saw what happened. 40 years later, where are we? Despite the socio-economic conditions that still exist 21 years after the disintegration of Apartheid, the youth of South Africa has definitely prospered … Continue reading 40 Years Later: Where Are We?

Top 15 Apps To Empower Your Every Day Life

By Katlego Moncho With the Kar-Jenners cashing in on apps, who are you to think that what you need hasn’t been mobilised into one click on your devise. Here’s a look at a couple off apps I have found that could be useful for the everyday slay: Omvana – Meditation The app that helps you … Continue reading Top 15 Apps To Empower Your Every Day Life