Social Media Accounts for Children – Where Do We Draw the Line?

I understand that the world has evolved and that technology has impacted the way that that we live, but what it has come with, is the loss of human connection more than anything. The loss of creating genuine memories without involving the entire world into our lives. That the previous generation of children grew up with no pressures from the world on who their parents were or who they had play dates with.

Top 15 Apps To Empower Your Every Day Life

By Katlego Moncho With the Kar-Jenners cashing in on apps, who are you to think that what you need hasn’t been mobilised into one click on your devise. Here’s a look at a couple off apps I have found that could be useful for the everyday slay: Omvana – Meditation The app that helps you … Continue reading Top 15 Apps To Empower Your Every Day Life