Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

Everyone is going through their own things, and growing up shows you that we all experience problems on different scales. You also start to nit-pick people’s personalities and you very quickly establish who gels with you and who rubs you the wrong way.

On The Side

It was interesting for me to learn that in a relationship, main chicks apparently stress a guy out so much that the side chick’s job is basically to be the non-stressful version of the main chick and get rewarded for it.

Sethepu – Polygamy

By Dineo Nyakale For years polygamy had been something of a norm and regarded it as something acceptable that should be practiced as a part of tradition. Polygamy was usually a form of growing one’s family as the father would have as many children as he desired. Another more basic reason was in instances where … Continue reading Sethepu – Polygamy

Would You Date Someone With A Child?

By Dineo Nyakale The first answer a few ladies would say is no; based on the fear that they would have to deal with the mother of the child and the issues of the guy’s previously unresolved relationship with the mother of the child. In some cases that could be the experience, but women need … Continue reading Would You Date Someone With A Child?

Relationship or a Willing Transaction?

By Dineo Nyakale For years women have been struggling and fighting the African perspective of what a woman’s role needs to be within society. A woman needs to be the nurturer, the one that stays home and carries out household duties. The woman’s role is to be subordinate a man. Alternatively, a man dictates what … Continue reading Relationship or a Willing Transaction?

The Start of Something New

By Zine Mabunu We all, if not most of us, have experienced the phase of a new love. Where the beginning of a relationship is all butter on bread if not more like butter, knife and no bread. The butter being intimacy: the flavour that dares you to connect while the base is the environment … Continue reading The Start of Something New