Self Love

Motivate yourself to be the best that you can be and follow your dreams. Each and every single flaw that you believe that you have, makes you unique, special and loved. You are beautiful both inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you different. Believe in yourself and others shall learn to believe in you too.

Inner Strength

We women are actually stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’ve heard and know of women who have been through the worst of traumas and tragedies and yet find the will, power, courage and strength to pick themselves up and continue, going on to even tell the tales.

Social Media Accounts for Children – Where Do We Draw the Line?

I understand that the world has evolved and that technology has impacted the way that that we live, but what it has come with, is the loss of human connection more than anything. The loss of creating genuine memories without involving the entire world into our lives. That the previous generation of children grew up with no pressures from the world on who their parents were or who they had play dates with.

Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

Everyone is going through their own things, and growing up shows you that we all experience problems on different scales. You also start to nit-pick people’s personalities and you very quickly establish who gels with you and who rubs you the wrong way.

A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

By Zine Mabunu Growing up, although raised between Rock and a good place I have adopted a sense of rage, a rage conjured by societal standards of how as a Womxn I should and should not be, how as a womxn I should swallow things and let others be, where standing up for issues such … Continue reading A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

A Painful Reality

By Zoleka Qodashe Travelling on South African roads can prove to be quite the activity. From the exchange of scornful glances between motorists to one’s countless woosah moments on these taxi-dominated streets. What is clear, however, is that more often than not, one’s mood on the road varies depending on the nature of one’s trip. … Continue reading A Painful Reality

Interpretation of Dreams

By Litha More Do I need to go to a psychic? I’m pretty sure we’ve all had dreams where we woke up asking ourselves, ‘what in the world was that about’ or, ‘was that real’? I have had times where I’ve considered going to a psychic to interpret some of the dreams I’ve had, that … Continue reading Interpretation of Dreams

Abortion: Freedom of Choice vs Religious Beliefs

By Neo Moloko There has been a huge debate over the subject of abortion in many societies. Some believe it’s murder and others believe that it is a choice that one has to make for themselves. Pregnancy can be a result of many circumstances, including unprotected sex or rape and it is up to the … Continue reading Abortion: Freedom of Choice vs Religious Beliefs