Wonder Woman – A Movie That Does The Most Without Doing Nothing At All

This film brilliantly puts forward the female protagonist in a way that is not pretentious or forceful. It is not however without its flaws as it - like most modern pictures and other hero films – does have an air of predictability especially in the second half of the movie, but due to the difficulty of maintaining familial innocence as opposed to the gorier Dark Knight trilogy, it can be forgiven.

Moonlight – Best Picture

This is probably the most delayed movie review but what the heck, I’ll still review it anyway. I was very hesitant about watching Moonlight mainly because I’m not a person who is driven by hype especially around the Academy Award nominees and winners.  But once my friends gave me a synopsis of what this film … Continue reading Moonlight – Best Picture

It’s ME Time!

By Samantha Barkley In case you are staying in for a weekend and intend to spend your time cuddling in bed with your pillow and some hot chocolate. These movies are ideal for you to watch. Some might require a visit to the mall as they are in cinema. Nonetheless we could all take time … Continue reading It’s ME Time!

Martha & Niki

By Nadia Mabika Warning: The following movie being reviewed may contain elements that are not suitable for lackluster viewers. Accordingly, viewer discretion is advised. The content of this film is solely the responsibility of Black Girl Magic and may result in a roller coaster of laughs, tears and bopping. So if you have no plans … Continue reading Martha & Niki

The Perfect Match

By Neo Moloko “The Perfect Match looks and sounds increasingly like a romantic comedy created out of second-hand memories, vaguely described or poorly translated” (Jesse Hassenger). “A sleepy ensemble romantic comedy in "The Best Man" mold that starts with one-night stands, ends with a wedding, and spends the middle curing a hopeless lothario” (Scott Tobias). … Continue reading The Perfect Match

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Detective Comics (Yes, that's what DC stands for) is generally into making animations but every so often it goes to the big screen and at times it's worthwhile ( The Dark Knight trilogy, V for Vendetta etc.) and at other times it's not (Green Lantern, Man of Steel - debatable). So now we take a … Continue reading Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grabbed the attention of every movie go-ers. From the dedicated Marvel Comics geek to the average clueless one. With their unrivalled slow-motion action and stunning effects it's no wonder why they are one the highest grossing studios right now. So let's take a look at their latest installation that had … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War (2016)