Self Love

Motivate yourself to be the best that you can be and follow your dreams. Each and every single flaw that you believe that you have, makes you unique, special and loved. You are beautiful both inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you different. Believe in yourself and others shall learn to believe in you too.

Inner Strength

We women are actually stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’ve heard and know of women who have been through the worst of traumas and tragedies and yet find the will, power, courage and strength to pick themselves up and continue, going on to even tell the tales.

The Evolution of the Female Body

By Neo Moloko   Tis the season of sexy bodies once again- SPRING Women have always been pressured to have a particular body shape that is dictated by society and the media. It is said that sexy bodies are made in winter- with Hashtags such as #Sexybodymissions and #Bodygoals trending all over social media, women … Continue reading The Evolution of the Female Body

Self Improvement and Awareness Month

By Kutlwano Pooe The month of September is not only known as the start to Spring season but it is also known as Self- improvement and self- awareness month. According to National Day Calendar there is no historical background to this self-improvement month. We celebrate this month by succeeding, not trying, to improve ourselves and the … Continue reading Self Improvement and Awareness Month

Girl Power: #WhatIReallyReallyWant

By Katlego Pooe Project Everyone is a charity founded by Richard Curtis, Kate Garvey and Gail Gallie. They started the charity to share global goals such as such as alleviating poverty, injustice and solving climate change for everyone by 2030. This was launched by United Nations and Project Everyone wants to inform all 7 billion … Continue reading Girl Power: #WhatIReallyReallyWant

Savvy Ways to Save Money

By Kutlwano Pooe Since July is National Savings month we should dedicate some time to being more aware of our spending patterns .Let’s be honest, we all love to spend money rather than saving for those rainy days. Personally I am an impulsive spender with a bit of self-control. Moving to campus residence and having … Continue reading Savvy Ways to Save Money