Get Your Beauty On This Winter

Winter is usually a depressing season for most. The cold morning and nights, wearing more clothes to keep warm and staying indoors to avoid the dreadful flu. Our skin gets dry quickly in winter and we don’t drink or eat healthy food to help our skin, we eat more hot junk food. The following tips will help during the winter season!

The Evolution of the Female Body

By Neo Moloko   Tis the season of sexy bodies once again- SPRING Women have always been pressured to have a particular body shape that is dictated by society and the media. It is said that sexy bodies are made in winter- with Hashtags such as #Sexybodymissions and #Bodygoals trending all over social media, women … Continue reading The Evolution of the Female Body

The Menstrual Truth – When Dignity Comes at a Price

By Nombulelo Fox When one thinks of menstruation or what is now commonly referred to as “period”, feelings of happiness and satisfaction are nowhere near the feeling of disgust and discomfort that many have to endure. Plenty of girls and women experience this process of womanhood in different ways – some painful while others are … Continue reading The Menstrual Truth – When Dignity Comes at a Price

Home Remedies to Help During That Time of the Month

By Kutlwano Pooe I am sure that most young women dread the arrival of their monthly menstrual cycle. For a few days or a week you will experience awful cramps and for those of you don’t you are so fortunate! Your paranoia levels rise because for some weird reason you are certain that people passing … Continue reading Home Remedies to Help During That Time of the Month

Managing My Eczema

By Zine Mabunu Growing up I experienced mild to moderate eczema breakouts, it first began on my hind knees and the mid-section of my arms. I visited a doctor and he prescribed Mylocot (a stage 2 steroid cream that seemed to work for me in the beginning). After excessive and daily use I learnt that … Continue reading Managing My Eczema

Punching The Air

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing & Samantha Barkley With every New Year you begin to think that you should do more this year. To take on something new. You are convinced that you will work harder and change your life, you even imagine yourself studying harder than before. Call it the New Year fever. Included in our … Continue reading Punching The Air

Empowering the Inside You to Empower the Outside You

This is it. The dreaded body talk. But it doesn’t have to be dreaded, simply because it’s about a whole lot more than just your body. Have you ever looked at your loved ones and wondered how long life will let you be with them? Have you ever wondered why you find yourself judging yourself … Continue reading Empowering the Inside You to Empower the Outside You