Hlomu The Wife Series by Dudu Busansi-Dube

These books are such a thrill! The minute you finish the one, you immediately want to read the next one. Well that’s how it was for me. I enjoyed the books because they tell true African stories that people deal with day to day.

Kisses For Lula by Samantha Mackintosh

This book is perfect for teenage girls but also for any girl (or woman) who might be able to relate to the main character. It’s hilarious and has romance whilst letting you imagine what goes on in the mind of Lula as well as experience things with her. Lula Bird is about to turn 16 … Continue reading Kisses For Lula by Samantha Mackintosh

Books That Will Leave You Inspired

Letter To My Daughter by Dr. Maya Angelou Genre: Essay Rating: 4.9/5 Letter To My Daughter is the third book of essays Dr. Maya Angelou wrote and this letter is dedicated to all young women, who she refers to as her daughters. She shares some of her encounters as a young black woman and mother, … Continue reading Books That Will Leave You Inspired

Dark Places

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing As promised in the previous post, a review about an equally haunting and intriguing book by Gillian Flynn is finally coming your way. I hope since the last review you have managed to pick up Gone Girl (I’ll even settle for having at least watched the movie). The next book I picked … Continue reading Dark Places

Gone Girl

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing This year has probably been the busiest year since beginning my tertiary academic career in 2013. However in the midst of all this, I still managed to somehow squeeze in some side table/bed side reading. I must say, there is nothing like a good book to cuddle with after a long day. … Continue reading Gone Girl

6 Must Read Books

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing As a South African matriculant learner going to university and meeting different people, I found that we all have one thing in common. No, it is not that we all had to do 12 years of schooling or that we have we are at the same university. This one commonality we have … Continue reading 6 Must Read Books

Nervous Conditions

By Tsholofelo Lephuthing Last year I took a vow to read more books authored by black individuals and more specifically black females. So when I visited my cousin and found on his study table, his set novel for grade 12, my stars aligned. There, on table, was a book called Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga. … Continue reading Nervous Conditions