Social Media Accounts for Children – Where Do We Draw the Line?

I understand that the world has evolved and that technology has impacted the way that that we live, but what it has come with, is the loss of human connection more than anything. The loss of creating genuine memories without involving the entire world into our lives. That the previous generation of children grew up with no pressures from the world on who their parents were or who they had play dates with.

Moonlight – Best Picture

This is probably the most delayed movie review but what the heck, I’ll still review it anyway. I was very hesitant about watching Moonlight mainly because I’m not a person who is driven by hype especially around the Academy Award nominees and winners.  But once my friends gave me a synopsis of what this film … Continue reading Moonlight – Best Picture

The Menstrual Truth – When Dignity Comes at a Price

By Nombulelo Fox When one thinks of menstruation or what is now commonly referred to as “period”, feelings of happiness and satisfaction are nowhere near the feeling of disgust and discomfort that many have to endure. Plenty of girls and women experience this process of womanhood in different ways – some painful while others are … Continue reading The Menstrual Truth – When Dignity Comes at a Price