Universal is Music

By Noluthando Tsoko You know how we all say that if textbooks were songs, we’d do so well in school? I will never forget the day, in grade 11, when our English teacher sprung a spot spelling test on us (yes, a spelling test in grade 11) and we had to wear our brave faces … Continue reading Universal is Music

A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

By Zine Mabunu Growing up, although raised between Rock and a good place I have adopted a sense of rage, a rage conjured by societal standards of how as a Womxn I should and should not be, how as a womxn I should swallow things and let others be, where standing up for issues such … Continue reading A Thin Line Between Womxn and Rage

A Painful Reality

By Zoleka Qodashe Travelling on South African roads can prove to be quite the activity. From the exchange of scornful glances between motorists to one’s countless woosah moments on these taxi-dominated streets. What is clear, however, is that more often than not, one’s mood on the road varies depending on the nature of one’s trip. … Continue reading A Painful Reality

National Heritage Month

Despite the racial incidences in our country, it's safe to say that we've come a long way. With a country boasting 11 cultures, this month we celebrate everything that makes us proud of our heritage. What are you proud of as a South African?

Adidas Obsession

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The Art of Layering

By Darnelle Thompson Layering: the Holy Grail of winter fashion slayage. When it comes to winter fashion, people tend to pile up their baskets with unnecessary items of clothing that may most probably go unnoticed if your layering technique is not strategically thought out, right? Wrong! If you are lazy as I am, I assure … Continue reading The Art of Layering

Places You Need to Visit Before You Die (Part 1)

By Katlego Moncho So, I think it’s pretty obvious that most of us dream of travelling the world. Even though some of us may never get to, for those who are fortunate enough, this is a list of must go to places. For those of you who cannot it is time to change that mentality … Continue reading Places You Need to Visit Before You Die (Part 1)