Inner Strength

We all deal with tragedy or trauma differently or in our own unique ways.

For example, I recently lost two of my closest and dearest of cousins in the worst way possible. The one was stabbed to death whilst he was highly medicated and asleep, so he couldn’t even defend himself from his attacker as he didn’t even see it coming. A week later if not two, my other cousin was shot during a protest one night and unfortunately couldn’t live to tell the tale.

I’ve kept this to myself and have been dealing with it in my own way, not telling anyone how I truly feel about what happened. I’ve been playing it off and pretending that I’m okay when I haven’t been, plus there’s a lot more stuff going on but I won’t go into that.

Both of them were good people, had loving souls and fighting spirits, and they didn’t deserve to go out like that, but I suppose the big man upstairs decided that it was their time to come home.

To be honest I haven’t quite fully healed from hearing the news of their deaths and I haven’t spoken to anyone about this until now; plus the rest of my family didn’t take their deaths easily and I still feel a bit numb about it all.

A day doesn’t go without me either thinking about them or thinking about their tragic deaths. I haven’t been able to function at my complete best but slowly but surely I’m getting there. Their deaths have left quite the imprint in my life and I will miss them every day but may their souls rest in peace.

We women are actually stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’ve heard and know of women who have been through the worst of traumas and tragedies and yet find the will, power, courage and strength to pick themselves up and continue, going on to even tell the tales.

That takes true strength, inner strength to be exact as well have help from the good support structures around them if possible.

We all need help at some point in our journey called life. I have found the inner strength to not think of their deaths in vain nor mourn them forever, but to continue living my life the way I want to live it. Plus, I know it would’ve been what they wanted me to do, and I’m learning to accept help.

We women need to stick together and help one another, and we will truly witness how much we can accomplish. You are strong and you have enough inner strength; don’t take it for granted, as well as the good people around you.

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