Kisses For Lula by Samantha Mackintosh

51oQBGQjygLThis book is perfect for teenage girls but also for any girl (or woman) who might be able to relate to the main character. It’s hilarious and has romance whilst letting you imagine what goes on in the mind of Lula as well as experience things with her.

Lula Bird is about to turn 16 but is dreading it because she has never kissed a boy before. Almost every boy in her home of Hambledon makes sure they avoid her at all cost and one wonders why. The reason for that is there is a rumour about Lula being jinxed! And that’s not her only problem: she believes that she has a stalker, her father keeps sneaking out at night with a lady’s handbag and a mysterious theft is threatening to bring down her town to its very knees.

Join Lula on her adventure and get the feel good factor from her hilarious antics, romantic complications and mystery.

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