A Book That Every Woman Should Read

the heart of a woman

Title: The Heart of a Woman
Author: Dr. Maya Angelou
Genre: Autobiography
Rating: 4.5/5

The Heart of a Woman is the fourth book in Maya’s seven series of Autobiographies. The book explores Maya’s different roles as a mother, daughter, wife, freedom fighter, an actress, and a friend. The book takes place between 1957-1962.

The title of the book is so fitting during time because we get to read about Maya’s life and how she has a woman finds love and how she deals with pain, how she puts her mind into something and gets it done but most importantly we read about how she raises her only son Guy Johnson during Segregation era.

Maya does play her role in fighting for freedom. She helps run Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s organization and acts in plays that talk about black brutality and white supremacy. In the book, she falls in love with a Xhosa Freedom Fighter Vusumzi Make and moves from one place to another.

We get to see how wives of freedom fighters deal with segregation and how the wives must protect their marriages and husbands.

In the book, we truly see this iconic and phenomenal woman as a normal woman who goes through her issues and deals with them. A woman who makes her mistakes and learns from her lessons. A woman who tries to make a difference and sticks to her word no matter how long it takes.

I would recommend that all young women read this autobiography to see that we as women are capable of doing all things we set our minds to do, that we can conquer all our trials and that being a woman is phenomenal.

The Heart of a Woman will truly bring awareness about a woman’s capabilities, her strength, weakness and her loving heart.

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