Leb Sekgobela: Restored

lebo sekgobela restored.jpgThis is a live gospel album by Lebo Sekgobela which she recorded live at the Hope Restoration Ministries. It is a double disc album with 23 tracks.

This is a great album, it literally gives me life. The double disc album has a variety of gospel songs that we have been singing from church and some that she has written herself.

The most popular songs are “Lion of Judah” which was number one on the South African charts late 2016 and into the new year, “Thato Ya Hao” and “Hallelujah Mdumiseni”. The CD is recorded live, so when listening to it, you immediately fall in love with her voice as you hear it piercing through the speakers.

This is an album that anyone can listen to, young and old. In an interview with Sowetan, Lebo explained her journey and the inspiration behind her songs.

“I love hymns like an old woman. But, seriously, I love the message of hymns like Ke Ngwana Hao and Le Mo Tsebe ke Modimo … There’s something about Lifela tsa Sione. They pierce the heart. Perhaps we Basotho love to sing. They make you understand yourself. There’s a hymn for every situation.”

However, Lion of Judah, the song that would change her fortunes, was written by Matthews Matsetse, a musician she met in Botswana. “It’s an amazing song,” she gushes. “I didn’t know that people would love it this much. We did not know there would be so much anointing, it’s the grace of God.” I personally give this album a 5/5, I can’t go a day without listening to at least one of her songs otherwise my day is not complete.

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