Get Your Beauty On This Winter

Winter is usually a depressing season for most. The cold morning and nights, wearing more clothes to keep warm and staying indoors to avoid the dreadful flu. Our skin gets dry quickly in winter and we don’t drink or eat healthy food to help our skin, we eat more hot junk food. The following tips will help during the winter season!

  • It is so important to drink water, hydrant your skin to keep it clear and light.
  • Cut down on alcohol and caffeine, these things are not good for your skin.
  • Eat with a purpose, eat more healthy food that is good for the skin such as avocado, fish, tomatoes, pineapple (which contains vitamin C), beetroot and kiwi.
  • Cut down on alcohol and smoking, such consumption harms the skin,
  • Exercise more and sweat. Sweating is good for the skin. Sweating removes bacteria, dirt, oils and impurities.
  • Use more organic products for your skin. Products such as Shea Butter, coconut oil and honey are great for the skin and plus they keep the skin clear
  • Lastly resting and having enough sleep is good for the skin. The skin repairs itself while we are asleep.

Use these tips now and you will soon see results. It is important to remember that what we eat and do to our bodies will affect us in the long run.

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