Moonlight – Best Picture

This is probably the most delayed movie review but what the heck, I’ll still review it anyway. I was very hesitant about watching Moonlight mainly because I’m not a person who is driven by hype especially around the Academy Award nominees and winners.  But once my friends gave me a synopsis of what this film was all about, I couldn’t help but want to find out more and why people were raving about it.

moonlight-oscars-nominations.jpgMoonlight is a coming of age film centred around a boy named Chiron whose life is captured in a number of life experiences from when he is a boy, a teenager and then his journey to manhood. The film which was originally a play called Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, was adapted to screenplay by director, Barry Jenkins who executed the narrative very beautifully.

The film features brilliant actors such as Mahershala Ali (from House of Cards), Naomie Harris, Trevante Rhodes, Andre Holland, Janelle Monae just to mention a few. The casts’ acting was so great that even Mahershala walked away with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (I mean??? Legend or what?)

Anyway, back to the narrative of the film. The film explores the concept of black male sexuality and the several topics around it such sexual identity and preference, social constructs which include family dynamics, relationships and most importantly, BLACKNESS in the context of homosexuality in the film. The idea that homosexuality continues to be a foreign concept in black families and black communities had me in my ‘feels’ because there was truth in what the film depicted and how it continues to be taboo even in the 21st century.Moonlight-quad.jpg

Although this film deserved more than just two Oscars, the fundamental lesson behind the message/narrative will live on and continue to dismantle the ignorance around homosexuality and more so in black communities.

Please check it out or tell us at Alpha She what you thought of it.

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