Spotlight: Mandisa Madikane’s Story

Upon the midst of all the violence against women and children in South Africa, a young woman from Kliptown Gauteng has developed a short film, “Positive”, to tell her story.

Mandisa Madikane, 21, recently shared her story and the process of developing and putting together her film on Metro FM. She was raped at the age of 6 and contracted HIV, later on in life when she was 21, was then gang-raped and fell pregnant.

“I gave birth to a beautiful boy named Samkelo – which means acceptance. I was in denial of my pregnancy. I love him more than I love myself. For him, I swallowed my pride as a lesbian woman,” she said. download

Having going through all trauma, Mandisa has been able to keep going and is now a well-known motivational speaker, she constantly works at motivating others and helping them to find power in their struggles so that they don’t stay down and out.

She always uses the hashtag #NeverGiveUp to encourage people. The film was shot at two places, Kliptown and Cape Town and tells the story of young women and men that are being raised in a society that is filled with rape, drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Her film was premiered at the Philadelphia Film Festival earlier this year and was well received. However, she says she still needs funding in order to showcase her film in South Africa and she recently took part in the South African AIDS Conference.

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