Where is The Glow?

By Zoleka Qodashe

I am no stranger to sleepless nights. On many occasions, the rising of the sun and the faint chirp of a bird or two are what have sent me on my way to bed. I am, however, a stranger to motherhood. So my abrupt welcome into the foreign terrain is one that I did not quite anticipate.

Perhaps my occasional encounter with celebrities who give a distorted version of reality and what pregnancy is really like on the telly had me prepared for smooth sailing. However, I will reserve that rant for another day.

What was in store for me were involuntary sleepless nights, the sprinkle of urine all over me mid-diaper changes and the mind-boggling little illnesses that you just cannot diagnose.

So my question is: Where is the glow?

Being a new mother and even an expecting one has given me a plethora of factors to rant about. The experience has left me baffled at how it is humanly possible to go through this terrifying ordeal more than once or how there are individuals who would prefer to have an entire rugby team of dependents.

What I discovered was that the glow may not be on my face. I am now aware, and I come to this realization every day, that I find my answer to my initial question, “Where is the glow?” in the little meaningful things.

The glow is in the smile I observe on my son’s face, the infrequent baby sounds that please my eardrums and the clenching of my finger at every chance he gets.

While I still long for my zest for life to return, I am in every way grateful to have been bestowed with such a privilege.

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