The Evolution of the Female Body

By Neo Moloko


Tis the season of sexy bodies once again- SPRING

Women have always been pressured to have a particular body shape that is dictated by society and the media. It is said that sexy bodies are made in winter- with Hashtags such as #Sexybodymissions and #Bodygoals trending all over social media, women are forever bombarded with ‘perfect body’ images. But what is the perfect body…???

Body image has changed over the years. Looking back from the 1920’s, women were admired for the “Flapper”- women with slender and lean bodies. They were hailed as the perfect women until the 1940’s and 50’s where thin girls were less appreciated. The advertisements then, depicted skinny women as being hopeless in romantic pursuits, noting that gaining weight was the only way to find a suitor.

Furthermore, in the 1960’s was the era of Marilyn Monroe. Now she was leggy, curvy with a bulging tummy and her body type was embraced, there was certainly no judgement for such a thing as the “thigh gap” in this era. The 90’s gave birth to the obsession about being thin once again spearheaded by Kate Moss who was then a Calvin Klein model. She herself coined the phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

From 2010 until recently, Plus-size models have been embraced, with models such as Ashley Graham walking the runway and gracing the covers of magazines. The perfect body image has since evolved once more. Fashion designers are now designing clothing for thick women so they can also wear the latest fashion items. In addition, brands such as Dove have established beauty campaigns that embrace women all body types and shapes. This campaign has allowed women to love themselves again and to love their flaws and be able to look beyond them.

There is no such thing as the “Perfect Body Image”- Women should learn to embrace how they look and love themselves fully.- LEARN TO LOVE YOUR BODY, AS IT IS THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE. LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS.

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