The Art of Layering

By Darnelle Thompson

Layering: the Holy Grail of winter fashion slayage. When it comes to winter fashion, people tend to pile up their baskets with unnecessary items of clothing that may most probably go unnoticed if your layering technique is not strategically thought out, right?

Wrong! If you are lazy as I am, I assure you that not much effort goes into layering (well most of the time anyway). The aim is to look effortlessly well-put together when you are actually just wearing a winter staple that you grabbed this morning while running out the house to catch your bus on time. I’ve come to find that most of my unplanned outfits have been the best to date.

Winter fashion is great man, am I wearing a bra under all of this? Are these actually my pyjamas sweats? Lord knows!

We have compiled a list of Instagram accounts to follow for some schooling on this holy art:

Sweats & sweaters

What better wave to ride than the 1980’s Michael Jordan fresh out of training meets ultimate lazy day sweats and sweater trend?

Instagram: @vintagedollrisa


Instagram: @alealimay
Instagram: @_brycebarnes

Denim on denim…on denim

I know most of you will agree with me when I say that denim is a gift from the Gods.  Think about your favourite pair of baggy jeans with that busted knee/butt slit that got you feeling like Aliyah or even that thrifted denim jacket with the inside pockets. Pair the two together and behold a masterpiece!

Instagram: @keneilwe_mothoa
Instagram: @mykindacozy

The Jacket

All I’ll say is that you need the one to achieve the ultimate exterior slayage. That is all.


Instagram: @mariapigeon


Instagram: @ensorcelant

Military Parka

Instagram: @tlvstreet



“It Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it works! Wearing it without putting your arms in the sleeves gives a chicness fla you can’t afford to buy.” – Noluthando Tsoko

Instagram: @trevor_stuurman
Instrgram: @thehautepursuit

Dramatic knitwear

This season’s knitwear is on another level. From extra-long sleeves to over-exaggerated turtlenecks; to chunky knitwear paired with equally chunky cross-ties and colourful shoulder-patches…*cues A$AP Ferg x New level*

Instgram: @monique_delapierre
Instagram: @joviilaiin
Instagram: @stylebyada


I honestly feel like Macey Gray meets Cam’ron every time I wear my faux-fur.  It can be paired with anything and everything.  Literally!


Instagram: @theefvshion.ri0t

Odds & ends


Although the beret is not totally to be forgotten, the Beanie has made it’s comeback this season on the streets we see it artfully rolled up to at the tip of these grammar’s heads.

Instagram: @ndjohunter
Instagram: @iheartchxr


Whether they are chunky, happy or fishnet, the sock is a staple.

Instagram: @yothinky
Instagram: @the.tomboyish


I found this picture while blog-surfing a while back. I recommend every shoe on these shelves as a staple for every girl’s collection, with the additional classic white sneaker and sultry thigh-high boot of course!


Source: Tumblr

The Blarf

Blarf: the blanket-scarf (literally just made this word up, lol). Wrap yourself in thick warmth and walk around like you do not know nobody whilst snuggling into your blarf.

Instragram: @iseeadifferentyou
Instagram: @diln_

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