Volunteering This July

By Katlego Pooe

July, the month which we give back and celebrate Nelson Mandela. There are a few things I would like to address, firstly the idea of doing something good or giving back to the community for 67 minutes seems doable but why can’t we make it 67 hours? An hour and seven minutes of painting a wall or playing with children is something but we need start building these orphans or learning a life skill or lessons from senior citizens that stay at old age homes. As we give our time to these people, let’s share some of our knowledge and build on life skills.  Instead of playing with children, let’s motivate them to work hard in school and teach them entrepreneurial skills and how innovation and creativity is so important. Instead of just donations to these NGOs from organizations, can we see these organizations investing and mentoring these children and working  to improve their lives not just for a short period but on a long term.

Secondly the bible says ‘Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver ‘(2Cor 9 vs 7). With that said, when giving our time, food and clothes, let’s be cheerful givers, give with our hearts and not for status or competition. When it comes to give in bulks and make it nonperishable food, canned food, rice and pasta. When it comes to clothes donate old clothes that someone else can wear again. So if there are holes on items of clothing you want to donate, sew it first before donating it.

Since the month of July we celebrating Nelson Mandela and we give back to the community there are two a number of NGO’s I want to focus this month.


  • Children of Fire

Established in 1996, Browen Jones read an article about a 6 month old baby who been burnt in a shack fire and abandoned in hospital. She and her son would visit the baby and eventually took the baby in when the hospital couldn’t look after her no longer. The charity also educates informal settlement communities like Alexandra Township on the importance of preventing fires and dangers of fires. Now the community have hired community members that have taken part in the training to patrol the community. This means that they make sure that there no forms of hazards fires, through illegal electricity connection. The organization works with donations that help with the victim’s surgery and skin care products as well to feed them and help fund with medical aid materials such as badges.  For more details please check their website http://www.childrenoffire.org

  • Thato Ke Matla Foster Care

A children shelter that looks after abandoned kids in the Orange Farm area. The owner of the shelter, Disebo needs help from food to clothing for the children. The foster care is not well known and will accept any form of donations. For information please call Disebo on 0738991142

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