Interpretation of Dreams

By Litha More

Do I need to go to a psychic?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had dreams where we woke up asking ourselves, ‘what in the world was that about’ or, ‘was that real’? I have had times where I’ve considered going to a psychic to interpret some of the dreams I’ve had, that I felt needed explaining, because I could not understand what they were about nor meant. Dreams and visions do play a role in our daily lives, especially within the family.

Recently, I had an experience where I had to interpret a collection of dreams for my father. It stemmed from him struggling to understand what each of his dreams meant. All of his dreams included my deceased grandparents who tried to communicate with him in the best way they could. My grandmother was the person who reached out the most since he was closest to her. She wanted him to go visit their grave site as he had not been there for about 5 years; felt that the key to all his problems was due to the fact that he lost his connection to my grandparents; and that he should visit them spiritually in order to speak to them. This occurred in the one dream where he was temporarily blind and he was sitting in a church next to a family member but did not recognise who they were. This is when I had to interpret the dream based on him being the most disconnected compared to the rest of his siblings who still lived around the main family home. He was in the dark in terms of what was happening in the family and that no one was willing to tell him unless he finds out for himself by going to visit the family house.

Now bear in mind that I am not a prophet of dreams and this was the first time I had to help my father understand, since he could not decipher the dreams for himself. It was a fascinating moment for the both of us, especially me in terms of being able to understand the dreams for myself as I can barely understand my own dreams.

Our interpretations differ from one woman to another but it all leads to one thing, we as women have a gift of viewing good or bad situations by ourselves rather than paying someone to do it for us. Besides, a woman’s intuition is the reason why we overpower any man’s word.

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