Abortion: Freedom of Choice vs Religious Beliefs

By Neo Moloko

There has been a huge debate over the subject of abortion in many societies. Some believe it’s murder and others believe that it is a choice that one has to make for themselves. Pregnancy can be a result of many circumstances, including unprotected sex or rape and it is up to the individual to keep the baby or not.


From a Buddhism perspective, the act of abortion is negative. However, it depends on the circumstances, so if the child will be born retarded or the birth of the child will cause serious problems abortion then becomes an exception. In contrast, Catholic Christianity opposes abortion because they believe that life is sacred and inviolable. The Hinduism religion shares the same idea as the Catholic Christians. Hindu scriptures refer to abortion as garha-batta (womb killing) which describes abortionists as the greatest of sinners. The Islam religion states that the unborn child has certain rights such as the right to care, therefore it is written in the holy book of Al’Quran, “do not kill or take a human life which God has declared to be sacred.” –Available from: http://www.spuc.org.uk

People may assume that making the decision to have an abortion is an easy one. Well let me tell you… IT’S NOT!

You always question whether or not it’s the right decision and that you’re not being selfish towards this innocent soul. Will you be able to forgive yourself? Will you be able to deal with your conscious? What if something goes wrong and you cannot have any more babies? What will you tell your family and future spouse?

All of these questions will go through your mind as you make this decision. However when you, for instance, know that you have certain goals that you want to achieve and you want to make something of yourself before you bring another person into this world, then having an abortion shouldn’t be refused. So I don’t necessarily agree with religious beliefs on preventing the idea of abortion and “crucifying” women that make the decision to have an abortion.

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