It’s ME Time!

By Samantha Barkley

In case you are staying in for a weekend and intend to spend your time cuddling in bed with your pillow and some hot chocolate. These movies are ideal for you to watch. Some might require a visit to the mall as they are in cinema. Nonetheless we could all take time to go on a ME-date and spoil yourself. Either way winter is the movie AND series binge-watching season.

160676907_6a9403How to Be Single (2016) – A new movie that captures the essence of being single.

You may only find one moment in which you are not tied down in a relationship with anyone…one moment when you stand on your own, really, truly single. And then it’s gone.’ A quote from the movie itself.




prideprejudicesmall1Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016) – Still retains the true story but with a twist. Always empowering as a woman to read and watch Pride and Prejudice in any form. This movie is fun and relatable.





Bad-Moms-Movie-Team-Poster-1Bad moms (2016) – yet to come to cinema but is bound to be a fun movie to watch especially for single mothers.





belleBelle (2013) – A must see movie that will leave you sobbing and encouraged to make a change in society. Set in the late 1700,s, when Britain was the colonial empire and slave trading capital. The life of a Black female girl is unravelled.





ten_things_i_hate_about_you_ver110 Things I Hate About You (1999) – The typical teen movie that is definitely worth watching 100 times over mostly because of Heath Ledger but also because it is a fun get away.





titanic_ver2_xlgTitanic (1997) – One might say not again but alongside The Notebook (2004) this movie is a definite tear-jerker. What a better way to cry and fall in love than for Jack.





gi_jane_ver1_7070G.I. Jane (1997) – If empowering yourself as a female is what you seek then look no further. This movie is an inspiration to all women fighting to be seen as equally capable and will. In this movie the Navy allows one female to into their trainee program. Her success or failure will determine the integration of women into the Navy services.



The-Color-Purple-PosterThe Color Purple (1985) – Based on the novel. A grand movie to have a warm night with tears and pillow hugging. In case you have not read the book, the movie does successfully portray the brutality that an African American women had to undergo. Leaving you not with tears of sadness but tears of joy the success of the protagonist Celia.




Whatever your taste is there is definitely a movie for all this winter. Look no further for an excuse to stay home. A good movie is all you need.

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