The Perfect Match

By Neo Moloko

“The Perfect Match looks and sounds increasingly like a romantic comedy created out of second-hand memories, vaguely described or poorly translated” (Jesse Hassenger).

“A sleepy ensemble romantic comedy in “The Best Man” mold that starts with one-night stands, ends with a wedding, and spends the middle curing a hopeless lothario” (Scott Tobias).

Charlie (Terrence Jenkins) is a ladies’ man, committed to a life of no emotional commitment. In the first two seconds of the film, he picks up a hot babe on the beach, and takes her back to his palatial pad for 1.) A photo shoot (his Instagram feed is well-renowned) and 2.) Supposedly hot sex, but it’s so discreetly filmed it’s hard to tell. Later, he meets up with his group of friends, toting another babe on his arm, a bimbo who can barely put a sentence together (maybe because her dress is so tight). “The Perfect Match,” directed by Bille Woodruff, with a script by Gary HardwickDana Verde and Brandon Broussard, tells the story of how this unrepentant man-whore opens his heart to love. Some of it is so predictable you could set your watch by it, but there is a welcome (and surprising) layer of complexity running through the film that makes it a little bit more than your standard fare. The likable and funny ensemble helps too (Sheila O’Malley).

I have to disagree with the movie rating of 2.5/10 for the movie, ‘The Perfect Match’. This movie was a great watch, it is funny and tells a great story about a ‘player’ who gets their heart broken but it also tells a story of the importance of friendship and family. Furthermore, for those who believe that everyone will meet their match ultimately have to watch it!

Terrence Jenkins plays Charlie, who is a ladies man and gets involved in multiple relationships with no intention of getting emotionally attached to any of the girls. He has two friends who are in happy yet complicated relationships. There’s Victor (Robert Christopher Riley) and Ginger (Lauren London), together since they were kids and now planning their wedding. Ginger makes more money than Victor does, and he’s having a crisis about it. Pressie (Dascha Polanco) and Rick (Donald Faison) are trying to have a baby, and starting to panic that it hasn’t happened yet. Charlie’s friends hammer away at him relentlessly for his single status. Charlie is later challenged by his friends to get a plus-one for Victor and Ginger’s wedding. In the hunt for this plus-one, he meets a young beautiful lady, Eva (Cassie Ventura). Eva and Charlie fool around with each other with no strings attached. However, Charlie ends up falling for Eva and he falls hard. He still does not get emotionally attached to her. He only fell for her because he listened to him and took interest in his job, he never once asked her about herself or what her interests were and therefore never finds out that Eva is actually in a long term relationship and is just looking for fun with no strings.

Later, he then finds out that Eva is engaged to be married. He is crushed and takes comfort in alcohol, in the process destroying his relationships with his friends and therapist sister (Paula Patton). As the movie comes to an end, Charlie talks to his sister who helps him see that the problem he has with women began when his parents died.

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