Kweku Collins – Nat Love

By Darnelle Thompson

nat loveThis is the kind of music that’s made by someone who was a toddler when André 3000 explored a love below and k-os dropped his first LP. There are hints of trap, folk, and neo-soul coming together to form a new micro-genre of hip-hop that’s part part Chance the Rapper, part Wyclef, part Future, part Chief Keef. The sounds here are immersed in the dance of lingua franca and colloquialisms and tastes and cultures defined by a generation raised on playlists and the ability to stream the history of music on their phones for less than the price of a single CD. When Collins sings, he’s not singing by R&B yardsticks; when he raps, his vocals sound like rambling rocks in a river of thoughts, more indebted to spoken word than rap, but still more rap than spoken word.

Read full review here.

Click here for a listen.

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