Graduation: One Take

By Noluthando Tsoko

If you’re like me, you don’t see the point in manuals when the adrenaline of possibly breaking something new (then not) is so much more exhilarating. However, I wouldn’t mind if a fairy whispered tips on what to expect during graduation day, would you? Graduation season comes and goes, but that might not be the case for you honey. You only have one take so let us talk about how to make it count and how I absolutely failed at that –that would be the perfectionist in me talking, say hi.

You know when successful people give us speeches on how to try to be like them, they emphasize on the importance of preparation? That stuff really is important. What I’ve learnt is that there are different types of graduates including  those who don’t attend the ceremony at all; those who buy their outfit a year before; those who don’t need to buy anything new because they look prepared all the time anyway and; like me, those who buy something two days before the ceremony.

To my defence, I really thought that the only thing important enough was the shoes. Oh dear was I under informed. You first of all wreck your brain trying to figure out how to slay without looking like a ho. Then, it’s a question of whether to find an outfit to match your shoe or shoes to match the outfit. Then, setting your hair and make-up (if any) so as to look like your mother’s grown child and not like you’re going blesser poaching (that’s what we’re calling it).

So a friend of mine posted this picture of essentials on the day of her graduation. A clutch! I never thought of that. I was sitting in that row holding my phone in my hands till I had to put it in a friend’s clutch when it was our turn to go up. My lips were dry because I didn’t think that waiting for my name to be called out for over an hour would affect my lips at all so no lipstick or gloss on hand. What if you need tissue? Things could easily get emotional. Not shown in this picture is safety pins to pin your faculty ribbon to your gown so that it stays in place throughout the day.

As for the actual outfit, there really are no rules. Just make sure that you can actually walk in those shoes and that you respect your budget. Ultimately, we’re all so wrapped up in ourselves that no one there cares much for what the other person is wearing so what you wear is solely based on how you want to feel and what you’d like your pictures to look like. Chances are, you’d like to look like you take more trips to the bank than the club.

On a serious note, I took a while before my graduation day contemplating on whether the effort and money we put into making that one day count is worth it when I’ve already spent three years working for it. We wouldn’t be attending our graduation ceremonies if it was only about simply going to fetch what’s yours –that certificate. For most it’s the pride and joy that you share with your family and friends and especially for the pictures. So the most important thing to have is a smile on your face and a good camera. Take pictures as close to your fellow graduates (friends) as possible so that you can get group photos as well. Let your family fuss as much as they want, you have the whole day. Allow yourself to fuss over yourself as well, for there will be no dispute against that.


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