Savour Your Moments

By Noluthando Tsoko

Let’s face it, unless you’re sitting down in a restaurant with a fork and knife in hand and Welcome or Angelina asking you what beverage you’d like to have, eating in public can be cause for discomfort for some. Oh no honey, social eating is a thing nowadays! Fear not.

You know what I love the most about living in the city: cultures are constantly evolving, constantly on the move (as are we) so it keeps us on our toes. Keeps us a bit fickle too, but on our toes! The one thing that cannot be out of fashion though –is the human hunger for food. Now mix that up with music, good people, and good vibes (whether it be the fashion etc.) and we have a fantastic food market. A place where indulgence, sharing conversation and experiences meet.

I’m not going to sit here and go on like markets were non-existent a decade ago. The duration of their existence isn’t the question as much as the social attention placed on them in recent times. Nowadays, food markets are great for those days when you really need a fun day out with your friends but the club is too loud to get a single meaningful word in. it’s also a great place to meet new people (because that’s actually still a thing). This culture is one that has emerged and grown slowly on our generation so we will take the same approach in exploring it.

So stay tuned to Alpha She Events for updates on markets to explore.



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