No More Rape

By Katlego Pooe 

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person
at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

– Mother Teresa

The recent sexual violence complaints happening at Rhodes
University, and how the university’s policies are not effective
and don’t solve the problem. One of the many examples of
increasing sexual assault in the country. The questions I would
like to ask are, are we talking about rape and how to deal with
it? How should we as volunteers get involved? Is there
something we can do?
The statists are terrifying, according to Stats SA estimated
number of sexual offences are 1 to 9 theory. Sexual offences
reported were 62 649, sexual offences that went to court 158 174
and the cases that resulted in a conviction is 5 484.
The stats are shocking but there a number of Organizations that
are dealing with rape victims and offer workshops to help them
get through the trauma.
Rape Crisis Cape Town
Started in 1976, they provide workshops for women who have
been raped and bring healing and closure in their lives. One can
donate money to support the organization. More information
Women against Rape (WAR)
The organization started out by delivering parcels for rape
victims at the police station, then expanded to assisting rape
victims by projects and counselling. More information check

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