In Case You Forget

By Noluthando Tsoko

8f24e100a27d4ec95b73dcc9f6f950b3Do you ever get those moments where you’re asking yourself why you’re even grinding so hard so you just consider a life where your greatness isn’t really necessary? As I’m climbing up this life ladder (as are you) my toughest climbs are accompanied by Kelela with her Guns and Synths. Please ignore all the bias coming from me as I tell you about this one for she is my favourite musician.

Kelela Mizanekristos, born in Washington, DC is an indie recording artist based in Los Angeles that I refuse to put in a box. Although her music is classified under electronic-alternative-R&B, her jazz influences; sultry, sweet yet understated power of her voice and; honest lyricism give so much more meaning to strings and synthesizers.

Enough about me in my other life. Today’s serving is Guns and Synths, the opening track off her debut mixtape Cut 4 Me. My prayer through low days that are burdened by self-doubt. It’s so nice; you got to say it twice –literally. The song comprises of one verse repeated twice over the chorus where she talks about her personal struggle in being a recording artist and contemplating giving up. She sings:

There’s a part of me

                                                                That feels like I’ve got this

                                                                Not a doubt

                                                                Honesty will take care of me

                                                                I will never be without

                                                                Then the other side is undecided

                                                                I’m in a rut

                                                                In these times of compromised confidence

                                                                I need a mantra


She then compares her music journey with loving a person by saying that staying in her profession means working hard for it as is a relationship. Lauryn Hills says, “You can’t be in a vacuum of creativity without life. Experience is substance.” So as we create our paths for success we should never come to forget that the journey is not meant to be easy. Success is a term we may all choose to interpret differently and achieve in different ways but we can all agree that if it’s worth having, it’s worth every drop of blood, sweat and river of tears. So when you forget what the hell you’re made of, Guns and Synths is your mantra.

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