Top 15 Apps To Empower Your Every Day Life

By Katlego Moncho

With the Kar-Jenners cashing in on apps, who are you to think that what you need hasn’t been mobilised into one click on your devise. Here’s a look at a couple off apps I have found that could be useful for the everyday slay:

  1. Omvana – Meditation

OmvanaThe app that helps you centre your mind and thoughts. Our everyday lives are so busy that we sometimes forget to just have a moment to ourselves. This app allows you to slow down and be one with yourself. It’s great for relaxation.

  1. – Yoga

image (1)Are you a yoga guru? Are you a beginner? Do you wish to defeat those kinks that just bother you? Then this is the app for you. has a whole lot of different positions to get you flexible. They also have different levels, so fear not young pelican. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

  1. Nike Fitness – Fitness

NikeThe ultimate app for the ultimate runner. This app tracks your movements to make sure that you’re getting the fullest experience out of your running. It tracks the differences in your running between different days, and in this social media hooked time, you can share your progress with others as well.

  1. Cocktail Flow – Drinks

cocktailAre you having the girls over? Tired of the mundane cocktails that they always serve when you’re at their place? Fear not! With this app, you can wow them and inspire them to change things up (or you can just keep the secrets to yourself). The app gives you a breakdown on how to make some of the sexiest (and probably great tasting) cocktails. You have the option of choosing cocktails by category, based on base drink, type, colour and event. This app has basically got you covered. And you thought you needed a sexy bartender to woo the girls!

  1. Kitchen Stories – Recipes

kitchen storiesRemember the girls you invited over? Or that hot guy you want to impress with your off the hook cooking skills? Well this is the app for you. Not only do you get recipes from here, but you get access to ‘How To’ tutorials, access to the community also using the app, and some essential tips. Say goodbye to all those floppy recipes, and say hello to getting empowered in the kitchen.

  1. Wattpad – Books

wattpadThis is the website to see if you love reading, and if you want to express yourself through writing. This platform offers some published works, but it’s mostly unpublished works. There are different categories and readers and writers from around the world who read, rate and comment on each other’s works. Some of the writers have been spotted by some publishers on this app. So, if you’re keen on having your work rated, this is the place. Or, if you’re looking for a werewolf or vampire book to curl with at night, this app is for you. Some of the stories here just suck you right in.

  1. TED Talks – Education and Knowledge

tedIf you love listening to people talk, sharing their opinions or educating you on multiple issues around the world, then this is the app for you. TED Talks are world renowned for the simple fact that the people who are in the videos aren’t just random people. Knowledgeable and influential people are chosen to come and share their findings, research and opinions on matters that concern the people and that can help many understand the topics that are being discussed.

  1. Shazam – Music

shazamYou’re at a party, and a song comes on that moves you from head to toe, except you have one problem -you don’t know the name of the song. Fear not! With Shazam, if you found yourself in such a situation, the solution would be simple- just whip out your phone, open the Shazam app, and click on the symbol. You’ll see it start spinning as it tells you that it’s ‘Listening’. Wait a few seconds and BAM, you have the name of the song. Pretty sick right?

  1. Pinterest – Miscellaneous

pinterestThe app that allows you to capture everything that you like while learning how to do stuff. Pinterest allows you to save and upload pictures, but it also offers you so much more. You can post links to recipes, workout schedules, workout tips, how to tutorials and much more. They have categories for almost everything and you can make up your own, so you are covered for whatever it is you’re looking for. It is very rare that they not have what you’re looking for.

  1. Tidal – Music

tinderBeyoncé is probably the person to thank for this app’s popularity. The Queen of the Beyhive released her latest album ‘Lemonade’ on her husband’s music app, and music lovers, Android and IOS users alike (those who weren’t already set up) were forced to seek thee app to get access to the album. She only made it available to iTunes days later. The point here? Tidal is fast becoming competition for iTunes, and if you don’t want to find yourself out of the loop, getting this app wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  1. Photo Editor by Aviary – Photography

photo editorWe live in the time of selfies and the ultimate filter. This photo editor is the answer for those who are obsessed with editing their photos. It allows you to filter your photos, crop them, draw on them, enhance them, change their angles and a whole lot more. It’s definitely the app to get if you want to maximize your photo experiences.

  1. Takealot – Online Shopping

takealotIf you don’t know the term ‘’ by now, then you live under a rock. The people are everywhere now. If you are a fan of sitting at home and having the things you want brought to you, then this app is for you. Coming in strong after their merger with, the app is linked to the website and makes your online shopping experience that much greater. They have been highly rated, which means your goods are guaranteed to make it to you.

  1. Tinder – Entertainment

tidalI know, I know. Most people hear the term ‘Online Dating’ and they flee in the other direction. However, Tinder isn’t just about online dating. You can make some great friends if you want. The app gives you the option to swipe right on someone you might like, and left on someone you don’t. So, you get to choose who you’re going to talk to and how much information you can give away. Download it if you dare.

  1. Dropbox – Storage

dropboxIn these technological times, we deal with different kinds of data in large amounts, and if storing on a USB or an external hard drive aren’t available options for you then you can always take it to the cloud (which is what Dropbox allows you to do). With a standard account, the app allows you an amount of free 2.5GB worth of memory for you to use as you please.  Once that memory is used up, you have the option of buying more memory. With the app you can access your stuff from anywhere, and even if your devices crash, you know that your data is safe in the cloud. It’s definitely something worth looking into.

  1. Uber – Transportation

uberThe app that has saved lives and caused havoc. While the taxi industry finds itself in a bit of a situation, thanks to this company, civilians find themselves with easy access to transport. Most people hate the experience of being in an overcrowded bus or taxi and Uber eliminates all that for you. You just use the app to call up a taxi to come and fetch you from where you are and then you pay at the end of the ride. Don’t forget to rate the driver!

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