The Gold Digger

By Nadia Mabika

So, for as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with dance- especially Latin dance. From the music, the people, to the languages and countries themselves. Dance in general is the diverse melting pot of culture, race, age, and other demarcations. It transcends boundaries, constantly unifying and harmonizing its participants.

We’re talking about late nights when the mind says sleep but the body says dance! Moments when the music hypnotizes the body.  Enslaving itself to the sounds of rhythms, loud empty spaces and percussion. A paradoxical affair where freedom finds itself in bondage. It’s almost like a transcendental and spiritual trance. When the corporeal meets the celestial.

It is in moments when the feet are throbbing from hours and hours of dancing but you somehow still manage to squeeze in just ten more, only ten! When moisture beams from your body in sheer perspiration and satisfaction. When your heart races and begins pounding on the door of your ribcage to announce this spectacular love affair. The kind of affair that leaves you breathless yet panting for more.

Needless to say, it’s exploded into a passion which is and will serve a big slice from my cake of life.

When I think about the music, which in my case is Salsa, it is almost like an ever present soundtrack to my life which celebrates the power and grace of the sensual goddess. It is a soundtrack which celebrates her freedom to be whoever she wants, however she wants, whenever she wants especially when she is dancing in the moment. To be sexy, sensual, seductive and sassy. To be playful. To have attitude. To tease. To show off. To share. To get lost in moments. To go with the current. To follow trustingly. To serve. To be vulnerable.

To bear her soul.

If I were to contain these uncontainable emotions and expressions in a single word, I’d go for… ecstasy. As its definition suggests, dance has a way of abandoning one in an extreme state of emotion…especially that of delight and bliss. My Nirvana if you will. With Salsa, every dance is magic. It is created on the dot on the spot amongst the whole lot. Some dances are simple and amusing magic tricks while others are spellbinding and gobsmackingly entertaining. As a dancer, the deeper you dig into your soul, the more gold you find. And for as long as you dig with a spade of passion and love, you can be assured that this gold will never run out. “Gold-Digger”? Me? Proudly so!

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