Taming the Craving without the Man

By Katlego Moncho

“Travel the world” is probably one of the most overused phrases when people are asked what they’d like to do with their lives, but the reality of the situation is that a whole lot of us actually do want to travel.

We just don’t want to travel alone.

What if traveling alone was the only way that you could go? As a woman, the very thought is daunting. You worry about things that you wouldn’t have ever thought that you would, and it irritates you to have to rely on a man to put things together for you.

Travelling with a group of women is an alternative solution, but watching movies like Eat. Pray. Love and Under The Tuscan Sun, you’re almost tempted to go at it alone and see where the adventure takes you.

There are some perks to travelling alone. For one, you can take all the time in the world. There’s no one nagging you to wake up at any time, and no one tells you how long you can take in a particular place.

Secondly, you have no one to impress. If you want to spend the whole day at the beach and smell like the insides of a whale, there’s no pressure to get clean afterwards, unless of course you’ve spotted that cutie at the beach.

Speaking of impressing someone, when going on those educational tours, there’s no pressure to pretend like you know what on earth the tour guide is going on about. You get to be as clueless as they come and be that girl who just has to ask as many questions as she can.

You simply have an unlimited amount of freedom from all ends, and that’s just the freedom aspect of it. You can stay in as many different places as you’d like, and eat whatever the hell you’d like to eat without any judgement whatsoever.

As I mentioned before, there are risks to travelling alone, and those risks for a woman, are simply amplified by fears and all the stories you hear about the different things that have happened to women who did make the choice of travelling alone.

However, I don’t believe that this should deter you from anything. If you do decide screw it, you want to do it, then there are some great sites that you can visit for tips and the likes. The two that I found most appealing and helpful were www.women-on-the-road.com and www.gooverseas.com.

Bon voyage my dearest She Alpha!

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