Girl to Women

By Samantha Barkley

6d06f3ae5dce65b0c57f4b5477a65c40Louis May Alcott classic: Little Women.

Little Women is a timeless classical novel for young female readers. Although first published in 1868, this book is still relevant to young women who need to make decisions and find joy in the world, together and alone. We need to remember where we come from as women. The timeless ability of women to hoister themselves through this time and be strength only serves to encourage us to value sisterly friendships and to carry on no matter how gloomy life may become.

The book revolves around the lives of the four March sisters living during the Civil War. Each to their own have contributed towards making the family household run while their father is seldom present as he is a soldier in the war. A time at which a women was not regarded to have had power. Yet in the midst of war of men and loss of husbands, women have maintained consistent in their roles without seizing. They await their father’s return from the war. Their mother represents the ideal mother figure that disciplines, teaches and loves each daughter according to their personalities. Women held the lead household caretaking duties, waiting for husbands gone to war and taking care of the children with absent fathers. Abandoning all their own desires for their families to be happy. It also deals with the common concerns that females have from our physical insecurities and the social inadequacy we experience. The characters also manages to engage with the qualms of growing up as a female which can be very lonely and confusing.

Share in the sisters struggles and realise you are not alone in your struggle.

This read will reach back to a time at which women were made of girls. And these girls, all different, are able to cope with reality and choose to be happy and hopeful but as with all of us we do tend to slack at times. This novel will provide a reader with acceptance and appreciation for themselves. It will set fire to hope and bring laughter to a soul as well as teach you to hold on to kindness and never seize in doing for others.

There is a sister for all types of girls in the March family.

This book is a must read for any young female. There is wisdom in the pages and characters that are as flawed as all of us are and thus makes for an enchanting read.

You are bound to learn a lesson or two.

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